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Take a Moment to Meet
2015 Marvelous
Merchant & Food Artisans
Who will be Shared their Wares & Services
@ the Witches Bazaar 








Ambur Rose
Ambur Rose is a blatant kick-your-spirit-  into-gear psychic & artist.

She’s unconventional, loud and just a tad crazy so you’ll feel right at home.
Her artistry can be found from divination cards, graphite, and adobe rendered prints


Bare Tree Essentials 
I am a homeschooling, work from home, college student mom.
My husband is a college student,works, & helps me in my adventures.
Together we create natural body care products & teas with quality herbs,
butters, and oils. We use everything we create!
I also crochet & I create items for everyday use, hats, blankets,
afghans, dishcloths,and so much more!


Bubbles by Ky
Bubbles!  For the young, and the young at heart!
See how easy it can be to make humongous, gorgeous bubbles.
Ky will be giving demonstrations throughout the day.
Stop by to purchase your own supplies,
so you can take the joy of bubbles home with you!



Cait Sidhe Designs   
We are a family-run shop that caters primarily to the Pagan, New Age, and alternative
spirituality communities. We specialize in original artwork, devotional jewelry,
and spiritual supplies, as well as divination by runes and Sangoma-style bone reading.
Cats of Many Colors
Cat toys, pet beds and pet pads! Also crocheted items including afghans,
jackets and more! Polymer clay miniatures and jewelry!
We have a little of everything!



Demented Dragons
Greetings and much welcome to The Lair of Demented Dragons!
We are so pleased to have you join us among our treasures. We wish to share all that
we create and get inspiration from. We are artisans that bring to you hand crafted goods
of leather and metals. Jewelry made of materials galore, from hemp to paracord, steel,
brass and copper, to wire and clay, wood and anything else we gather. Eco domes and
terrariums are our way of bringing a little of the green world to your life, self maintaining
to low maintenance, they bring calm to a busy world. Chain maille of old brought back
with new flare will surely catch your eye. Leather crafted to just about anything
the heart desires. We welcome you into a world of beauty and fun, creative and inspiring.
Please stay a while, enjoy your stay. Come back when you can as we always welcome the company.
We love to get custom orders! Anything you dream up, we’ll strive our best to accommodate,
both in color, material, and design. We’re always hunting for the next best event to attend and
projects to work on to keep the most interesting collection for your choosing.
Many thanks for coming in. Many blessings upon you and yours!


Hand Made Gifts Online 
We make Dream Catchers, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings,
Witches Broomstick, Candles, Sage, Invents and much more


Julie Cagle
Julie will be offering handmade jewelry.
Made mostly of semi-precious stone, glass,
and Czech glass beads.


Legend & Lore
We handcraft one of a kind treasures,
inspired by the world of old



 Love You a Brunch
Who Loves Brunch?
We do! Love You a Brunch will be serving your Brunch favorites
all day and late into the night. Let Jen and Patty Highsmith
whip you up something delicious to fill your belly!
Try the homemade Biscuits & Gravy or chow down on a Brunch Burger.
If you have more of a sweet tooth any of Jen’s baked goods can satisfy your cravings.
There is something for everyone!
We want to know what you think.
Fill out a comment card and be entered into a drawing for a homemade pumpkin pie!

Come hungry!

Mirthful Mother Totems and Talismans    (unfortunately MM will not be with us)
Mirthful Mother specializes in handmade ritual jewelry, animal and elemental totems,
divination tools, pagan themed dolls, portable altars and pyrography for the energetically
inclined. All pieces are lovingly created by artist Deborah Rose Guterbock and a few of her
family members in Charlottesville, VA. Each piece is a unique artwork, carefully crafted
with the highest quality materials and semi-precious stones, inteneded for healing,
energy work and ceremonial use. Mirthful Mother hopes to work with individuals on custom
ritual accoutrements to meet the specific needs of each person’s worship practice.
If we don’t have the totem you need, we are happy to take custom orders
and work closely with you on your very own ritual jewelry piece.


Raven Moon Emporium
We will have gemstones, candles, jewelry, teas and more!
Silver Moon Soap
Handcrafted Soaps, Lotions and Lip Balm
Something Different
Everyone likes something a little different.
I have necklaces, bone/horn chokers, various styles of earrings.
I might also have some bracelets and broaches.
Some might be considered meaningful and others are just for fun.


Sugar Momma’s Kettle Corn     
Fresh Hand Popped Kettle Corn with several flavors.
We also have sodas and water.



The Gemstone Forest
All are welcome to enter The Gemstone Forest!
I make all of my Gem Trees of Life by hand using real, Semi-precious stones.
My wire wrapped jewelry is made with natural stones, sterling silver wire, and sometimes
Swarovski crystals. Custom orders are gladly accepted. I offer a selection of stones, crystals,
mineral specimens and chip strands along with many other interesting odds and ends!
Please stop by and find something fanciful to suit your fancy!


The Violet Robin
Here at The Violet Robin, you will have access to all of your lightest and darkest desires!
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask! We specialize in oils, waters
and poppers along with spell powders and we can also do custom orders !



Twistedlinx Jewelry
TwistedLinx is a home based hobby/business that I use to raise funds for my animal rescues.
The Kitten Connection is my small rescue for abandoned/orphaned kittens.
I also help other rescues in need for special cases that take more money than most 🙂


Uncle Joe’s Coffee Shop
Divine concoctions featuring delicious espresso, chai tea, gourmet cocoas,
Russian tea, hot apple cider as well as frozen blended beverages with
or without espresso. We offer as an alternative to whole milk, skim milk, soy milk
and almond milk if you prefer. We have fruit smoothies if coffee isn’t your thing,
and I will tell you, the watermelon is like biting into a fresh slice!
Winterwolf Charms
Our mission is to provide quality Metaphysical and New Age merchandise
to the Foothills of North Carolina. Whether it is Hand-crafted staves, wands,
jewelry, apparel, or spell components or specially ordered items,
we want to help you fulfill your spiritual needs. Some items you will find include,
but are not limited to:  Wands, Staves,,Brooms, Bags, Spell components, Candles,
Jewelry, Oils, Incense, Books, Journals, Saints Medals, Divination Tools,
Altar Items, Crystals and Gems Smudging Tools


 Wolfsmoon Forge   
Wolfsmoon Forge is located near the base of South Mountain,
We demonstrate/teach blacksmithing and sell hand crafted items
many of them from recycled materials.
We make everything from runes and rings to athames and battle axes.






Witches Bazaar 
Saturday, October 24th 2015
11am ~ 5pm
Karyae Park
4227 Linwood Rd
Gastonia, NC 28052

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