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Much Love and Many thanks to our 2017 Merchants



Take a Moment to Meet
2017 Marvelous
Merchant & Food Artisans
Who will be Graciously
Sharing their Wares & Services
@ Misfit’s Witches Ball & Bazaar



 Love You a Brunch
(Bazaar & Ball)
Who Loves Brunch?????  We do!

Love You a Brunch is back again this year
but this time serving out of Big Red. Come check them out.
They will still have your brunch favorites through out the day
and a Special Late Night Menu to keep you Partying
until the Wee Hours of the morning.
witches ball menu 2017



 A to Z Entertainment
(Bazaar & Ball)
Oil Warmers, & burning oils; New tarot cards, T-shirts,
incense, personal roll-on oil fragrances, natural soaps,
used metaphysical books; candles, handcrafted leather
and charm necklaces; Rune Games;
Psychic Readings (Tarot and Pendulum)


Curiouz Spirit
(Bazaar & Ball)
we do hand made custom pagan jewelry and woodburn items
we also sell herbs,oils,books and other ritual supplies


Direful Delights
(Bazaar & Ball)
Unique hand sculpted and painted fantasy art. Alter guardians,
incense burners, gargoyles, kitchen witches, and more.


Down To Earth
(Bazaar Only)
Native Eclectic handmade with love!


Faerie Elm
(Bazaar Only)

Metaphysical supplies: wands, robes,
herbs, oils, jewelry, books.
All your witchy needs!



Gems, Baubles and More
(Bazaar Only)
Handmade jewelry, wrapped gemstones, unique gifts,
books, spelled gemstone jewelry, spelled wands.


Gypsy Whims
(Bazaar Only)
Handcrafted pagan finery, jewelry and ritual items.
Everything as uniquely made as you are!


International Pagan Radio
(Bazaar & Ball)
International Pagan Radio is known the world round;
both in and out of the Pagan communities.

It’s a place where all can come, not just for music,
but also for spiritual, educational,
and fun shows.
It’s also a place where all can come and gain
stronger unity for the entire Pagan
community and beyond.
No matter what country we’re from or the path we follow,

we can all come to this station and be one people, one voice,
with a dream, and a brighter future.


Loopy Farms Ltd
(Bazaar & Ball)
Artisan Wood turning, wood craft, folk art, weaving, pagan crafts
herbal tinctures hand forged, concocted and blessed and much more
Be sure to likes us on Facebook


Mr. Wonders Magical Emporium
(Bazaar & Ball)
All manner of wood burnings
and other magical items
ranging from wands to trinkets


Miscellaneous Magick
(Bazaar & Ball)
From the Magickal to the Mundane, there’s something here for you!
Everything is lovingly crafted in small batches largely from my
own organic botanical garden. Each and every item I list is created
using the most positive energy and is just a little different
from the next as it is hand made, so be assured the item you
receive is one of a kind! Naturally harvested herbs,
magickal oils, spell kits, unique jewelry, balms, smudges
and ritual incense, candles and stones.



Misfit Sanctuary
(Bazaar Only)

Witches Ball Tickets will also be available for purchase.
Raffle Tickets will also be for purchase, for a one of a kind Coffin Curio,
made exclusively for 2017’s Misfit’s Witches Ball!!!
If you’ve not saw all the pics floating around FB,
come by & see it for yourself…..
and if the odds are in your favor, it could be yours for only $2!!!
While you’re there, peruse our array of Misfit Goodies,
pick out your favorite Mystical Mayhem pendant….
or grab yourself a Misfit Mug.
We are looking forward to Celebrating
a Night of Mystical Mayhem
with our beautiful Community!!


Mystic Essentials
(Bazaar Only)
We make and sell hand made soaps and lip balm.
However in addition to soaps, this year,
we will have hand painted art and jewelry


Oldways Jewelry
Bazaar & Ball)
We are a vagabond shop with handmade jewelry, wands,
and other items for magical and mundane purposes


Owl + Ivy
(Bazaar Only)
Gifts, decor and accessories – we have windchimes, sun catchers, candles,
jewelry, tapestries, statues, incense and more. We’ll also be showcasing some
of our small painted furniture pieces that are perfect for alters and ancestral tables.


Raven Witchery

(Bazaar & Ball)
Raven Witchery specializes in the Sacred and Arcane.
We offer many forms of divination,
Unique handmade travel/discreet altars and shrines, ritual tools,
herbs from our gardens, witchy art, spell kits and SO much more.
Everything is lovingly crafted within sacred space.


Return to Nature
(Bazaar Only)
Native American Goods, Alter Pieces, Jewelry,
Wall Art, Unique boxes, and so much more!


Sacred Spirit
(Bazaar & Ball)
Specialized incense burners and incense,
and other specialty items

Sisters Three
(Bazaar & Ball)
One of a kind arrangements for all your witchy needs.


Sloth & Bonez
(Bazaar Only)
Once upon a time, the ancients consulted the bones of animals
to predict the future. They turned to the earth and stars
to invoke messages from the divine, using formations of rock
thousands of years old and following he patterns of the elements.
The energy of the cosmos echoes all around us, in life and in death.
The vision behind Sloth + Bonez is not only to preserve this energy,
but to channel and harness it so that you can tap in at any moment.
Fill your home and your jewelry box with
Sloth + Bonez handmade curiosities.


Taystee Ice
(Bazaar Only)
Taystee Ice is a provider of premium Authentic Italian ice
in a wide array of dynamic flavors.


The Wicked Cauldron
(Bazaar Only)
Lotions, Potions and Brews for your skin!



The Witches Hut
(Bazaar Only)


Wolfs Moon Forge
(Bazaar & Ball) 
Wolfsmoon Forge is located near the base of South Mountain,
We demonstrate/teach blacksmithing and sell hand crafted items
many of them from recycled materials.
We make everything from runes and rings to athames and battle axes.


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