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Take a Moment to Meet
2016 Marvelous
Merchant & Food Artisans
Who will be Graciously
Sharing their Wares & Services



 Love You a Brunch
(Bazaar & Ball)
Who Loves Brunch?????  We do!
Love You a Brunch is back again this year
but this time serving out of Big Red. Come check them out.
They will still have your brunch favorites through out the day
and a Special Late Night Menu to keep you Partying
until the Wee Hours of the morning.


Ancestral Sanctuary
(Bazaar Only)

Vodou Guided & Inspired Jewelry,
Lwa-Blessed Mojo Bags, and Wearable Artwork


Cheyenne Moons
(Bazaar & Ball)
hand made jewelry and woodwork


Empath Angie
(Ball Only)
Psychic Readings Spiritual Services


Faerie Elm
(Bazaar & Ball)
Whimsical and Magical items from Alchemy to Wands;
Spell Work and much much more!

Fevered Dreams

(Bazaar Only)
Clothing, jewelry,
and much more to ease any fevered dreams.
Gypsy Whims
(Bazaar Only)

Completely handcrafted jewelry, ritual and altar items,
paper goods and wearables!
All unique and hand made with care, quality, and love!


Handcrafted Gifts
(Bazaar Only)

Dream Catchers, Earrings, Necklace, Necklace w/ Earrings sets,
sage, Bows, Witches Brooms, Rings,
Variety crystal/stone bracelets,

Genuine suede anklet, ECT



House of Akasha
(Bazaar Only)
The House of Akasha MasterCasters offers a colorful collection of garden,
fantasy and home decor castings of gypsum and concrete


International Pagan Radio
(Bazaar & Ball)
International Pagan Radio is known the world round;
both in and out of the Pagan communities.

It’s a place where all can come, not just for music,
but also for spiritual, educational,
and fun shows.
It’s also a place where all can come and gain
stronger unity for the entire Pagan
community and beyond.
No matter what country we’re from or the path we follow,

we can all come to this station and be one people, one voice,
with a dream, and a brighter future.


Journey There
(Bazaar Only)
Magical Healing Tools to Awaken and Empower. Handmade wands,
rattles, traveling wands and smudge fans.


Jul’z Joolz
(Bazaar Only)
Handcrafted jewelry. Mostly made from semi-precious stone,
metal, various types of glass beads, and recycled jewelry.
KC’s Dragon Maille
(unfortunately KC’s Maille will not be with us)
Chain Maille and Steampunk Jewelry



Kemajik Gems
(Bazaar & Ball)
Our pieces are created with an abundance of magical positive energy
and infused with good vibes for your body and space!



Life Readings With Leslie
(Bazaar Only)
Leslie is a medium and psychic intuitive. She is certified in Tarot,
Numerology, Palmistry and Spiritual House Cleansing.
Working with her guides, Leslie’s readings include numerology,
tarot and messages from loved ones on the other side of the veil.


Mantis Minerals
(Bazaar & Ball)
Rocks, minerals, & crystals! Everything from tumbled stones
& polished shapes to large mineral specimens & geodes.
Miscellaneous Magick
(Bazaar Only)
Garden Magick and more! Home of the HOBO Balms,
(Herbs, Oils, Beeswax, Organic) best tattoo aftercare anywhere!


Misfit Sanctuary
(Bazaar Only)

Make sure to drop by Misfit Sanctuary’s Booth to get all the juicy details
for Misfit’s Witches Ball & Bazaar. Witches Ball Tickets will also be available for purchase.
Raffle Tickets will also be for purchase, for a one of a kind Witch’s Hat,
made exclusively for 2016’s Misfit’s Witches Ball!!!
If you’ve not saw all the pics floating around FB, come by & see it for yourself…..
and if the odds are in your favor, it could be yours for only $2!!!
While you’re there, peruse our array of Misfit Goodies,
pick out your favorite Season of the Witch pendant…. or grab yourself a Misfit Mug.
We are looking forward to Celebrating the Season of the Witch
with our beautiful Community!!


Mystic Essentials
(Bazaar Only)
We have handmade Lip Balms, Goat’s Milk and Vegan Soaps



Nanny Dree’s Magical Creatures
(Bazaar Only)
Magical Creatures, Garb, and Curios-
we take our imaginary friends very seriously!



Piedmont Pagan Pride
(Bazaar Only)
The purpose of Piedmont Pagan Pride is the advancement of Religious Diversity in the Greater Piedmont Community,
the Elimination of Prejudice and Discrimination based on Religious Beliefs. Our Mission is to foster a Spirit of Pride in our Local Pagan Network as well as to Strengthen our Connection to those outside that Network in the Greater Piedmont Area through Education, Activism, Charity and Community. We will be offering divination through the reading of the Norse runes, while offering information about our organization. We welcome donations and volunteers!


Rose Fae Creations
(Bazaar Only)
Handmade jewelry and wood burnt designs.


(Bazaar Only)
We at Sacred Moon Naturals create healing all natural herbal bath
and body products with love and respect for Gaia & for the properties
brought to each product from the specific herbs and botanicals used.
We have a great selection of fresh, hand blended products
and can also create custom blends based on your needs.
With the help of Mother Nature we look forward to
helping you unlock your truest self.
One of our biggest crowd pleasers is our meditation bath kits.
They come in a variety of blends to help soothe the body,
mind and manifest your your hearts desires.
We also carry a beautiful collection of crystals and Indonesian imported pieces.


Silver Roundel
(Bazaar Only)
Silver Roundel carries a variety of hand made jewelry and Pagan crafts.
Star pendants, tree of life pendants and star wreaths
are a couple examples of products we will have for sale.


The Sage Emporium
(Bazaar & Ball)
The Sage Emporium sells oils, herbs, HEM incense and other brands.
We also sell sage of course, ritual tools for your faith, robes, more.
We are also working on our website,
We have over 6000 products that we can get.


The Crow’s Nest
(Bazaar & Ball)
I sell corsets, beaded bras, coin wraps, clothing,

dancing fans, and mortar and pestles.


The Violet Robin
(Bazaar &Ball)
Hello everyone my name is Isa Violet !
And I will be doing doing both tarot readings and oracle readings !
I will also be bringing too sell a few of my custom crafted spell oils !
Made with 100% pure essential oils !


Twisted Rose Creations
(Bazaar &Ball)
We create one of a kind hand made wire wrapped jewelry
using natural stones and crystals, leather wrapped bracelets, wire bracelets,
rings, earrings and now we are making pendulums!


The Twisted Tree
(Bazaar Only)
We offer an array of hand made ritual and curio pieces,
each one a unique work of art and craft.
Unique Gifts
(Bazaar Only)

All sorts of unique gifts for men, women,
and children. Most handmade.


Wendy Cooper Spirit Whisperer
(Bazaar Only)
As a medium and psychic intuitive Wendy uses her connection to spirit
to enhance the lives of her clients by providing a link for loved ones
who are no longer in the physical plane. Through her connection with her guides
she can help you navigate issues and opportunities in your life.


Winterwolf Charms
(Bazaar & Ball)
Winterwolf Charms is a Pagan General Store
located in Morganton NC.
Lady Anne is an International Psychic and Tarot Card Reader;
she is an author, lecturer and the owner of The Psychic Caravan,
a national company with a base in NY. Her Reading style,
and delivery of the information she gives her clients is earthy,
warm, and hopeful. At the same time, she is an honest, self-empowering psychic
who believes every client deserves to know the truth about the present and future
and should be given the mental and spiritual tools to make whatever changes
are needed for them to have a successful, happy Life. She works for Winterwolf Charms
as a Reader and teaches Tarot classes in Shay’s New Age Shoppe, located in Morganton, NC.
Lady Anne is available at Winterwolf Charms booth
for “mini” introductory Readings at the Bazaar.



Wyrd Armouries
(Bazaar &Ball)
Accessorizing your imagination!
Unique handmade costume accessories and props.




Witches Bazaar 
Saturday, October 22th 2016
11am ~ 5pm
Karyae Park
4227 Linwood Rd
Gastonia, NC 28052

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